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Soul-Lifted Sisters Prayer Ministry & Outreach

          Serving The Community With A Heart Of Love

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the

renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.      

Romans 12:2

Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much.

(James 5:16)

Join Us For Prayer Every Thursday @ 8:00pm (EST)

605-475-4000 access code: 758692

"2023" Intercessory Prayer Wall"

Miller, S. Chang, B. Logan, Morrison Family, M. Hamlet, S. Gilliard, J. Lance, K. Wood, D. Hammonds, J. Blossom, A. Moran, R. Scott, C. Morrison, B. Harris, T. Harris, N. Green, T. Witherspoon, L. Snyder. S. Hawkins, T. Harris, N. Reid, Huu Tran, K. Ferrell. E. Morrow, O'Neil Family, J. Stevens, D. Jordan, J. Robinson, K. Wood, T. Constant, N. Reid, C. Godfrey, E. Roan, C. Morrison, J. Redmon, B. Logan, J. James, D. Reed, K. Dodril, R. Jones, J. McGee, E. Witherspoon, A. Brown, O. Mc Murray, Mother McMurray, M. Baker, Hardman Family, J. Blossom, J. Ryan, H. Giuffrida, J. Blossom, T. Harris, S. Chang, N. Reid, D. Jackson, I. Wright, A. Wright, S. Abdullah, Francis, M. Veloz, Jordan, Mike, Jossett, M. Clarks, Miller, Dale, Natasha, Pinkney Family, L. Pennyman, Godfrey Family, Reid Family, T. Constant, R. Jones, A. Edmond, Meisha, S. deCordova, N. Reid, T. Witherspoon, R. Godfrey, B. Synmonette, D. Owens, T. Ryan, P. Washington, S. Tanksley, G. Davis, Miller Family, M. Ranger, S. Chang, R. Hardeman, B. Harris, Blossom Family, McGee Family,  C. Johnson, K. Scott, L. Morris, Soul-Lifted Sisters Prayer Ministry, PAFT Church, Heart of God Church, New Faith Baptist Church,  James Family, R. Jones,  J. Stevens, T. Harris

2022 Intercessory Prayer Wall"​

P. Mathias, K. Dodril, R. Jackson, J. O'Neal, K. O'Neil, Blossom Family, R. Culler, S. Culler, R. Paschal, G. James, J. Stevens, J. Robinson, J. Blossom, Lance, H. Dixon, A. Wright, D. Howard, T. Harris, B. Harris, J. Lincoln, M. Blossom, T. Marshall, W. Chang, D. Chang, E. Jackson-Lafleur, B. Earl, B. McKinney, G. James, Buffy Sanders, Sherman Lewis, P. Sheilds, B. Phiazze, M. Salmon, B. Harris, Robertson Family, N. Cristie, S. Ross, B. Chang, Dawn, Mike, Jim, Dr. Betton, J. Morgrow, T. Ryan, J. McGee, S. McGee, S. Blossom, M. Brown, S. Ross, Jackson Family, K. Chang, D. Sturrock, A. Parker, T. Smith, K. White, S. Parker, T. Harris, J. Edwards, D. Chang, R. Lowe, R. Lowe, J. Stevens, Ford Family, Stevens Family, B. Logan, F. Shaheed, I. Ford, C. Johnson, C. Witherspoon, H. Williams, Brother Williams, D. Jordan, Lowe Family, Brown Family, E. Jackson, D. McGibbon, Students Worldwide, Cecil Family, Faison Family, Williams Family, D. Robertson, C.M. Robertson, N. Morgan, N. Reid, E. Jackson, M. Walter, K. Dodril, Anna, J. Blossom, C. Ashley, P. Everson, L. McRae, K. Chang, M. Richardson, F. Shaheed, A. Montina, M. Parker, M. Blossom, A. Campbell, A. Gavin, K. Evans, J. V Nev, H. Tran, T. Vaughn, L. Essie, A. Wright, A. Wright, I. Wright, Wright Family, S. Sapp, J. Allen, J. O'Neal, W. Duckworth, J. Matthews, B. Cecil, S. Wilcox, Chang Family, J. Matthews, N. Cristie, E. Howard, K. Dinkins, R. Blankenship, C. Pullen, J. O'Neal, W. Chang, B. Cecil, R. Godfrey, E. Williams, E. Taylor, T. Harris, K. Chang, State of Texas, Richardson Family, Howard Family, State of New York, H. Baker, V. Baker, M. Ziyard, D. Miller, D. Landers, A. Wright, A. Thomas, M. Dewar, L, Dukes, M. Hammett, W. Stallworth, D. Miller, M. Caldwell, C. Robinson, C. Mc Ginly, E. Jackson, B. Faison-Smith, Sampson Family, Adams Family, Tracey, A. Vaughn, D. Longshore, R. Jackson,  M. McCleary, Barbara, A. Knight, Miller Family, Tanelus Family, A. Stewart, B. Harris, T. Harris, Butler Family, Tyler, S. Sapp, R. Jones, A. Mae Brown, Treston Clarke, R. Hughes, D. Lowe, C. Wright, D. Britt, Sweeting, L. Miller, S. Oxendine, A. Meiko, A. Thompson, I. Williams, J. Blossom, Roan Family, R. Jones, J. Pinckney, T. Collins, J. Ford, L. Miller, Jamesha, A. Wright, I. Wright, A. Wright, D. Jones, Mr. Miller, M. McElroy, E. Alvarado, C. Mattair, R. Alexander, J. Stevens, V. Nelson, C. Clarke, R. Walton, A. Robinson, D. Robinson, R. Walton, C. Clarke, M. Adams, S. Adams, L. Preston, M. Stevens, J. Stevens, D. Miller, A. Kwesie, M. Faison, L. Snyder, N. Green, J. Green, E. Witherspoon, Soul-Lifted Sisters Prayer Ministry, P.A.F.T. Church, Heart of God Church

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"2021 Intercessory Prayer Wall" 

Celebrating 9 years (468 weeks)of Prayer Thursday, December 2, 2021

Jayden Ford, Ferguson Family, Rodgers Family, Lone Smith, Jaden Ford, Brandy Boston, Joshua McGee, Valerie Baker, Maxine McElroy, Lisa Butler, Armani Brown, Charleen Reid, E. Witherspoon, Ida Wright, Karita Robinson, M. Adams, Quincy Robinson, Cynthia Bryd, Mary Wilson, Laura Smart, Cecile Dixon, Aida Shehu, Larry Miller, Sadira McGee, Shaleya Blossom, Theresa Ryan, Sammie Oxendine,  Kamaya Ferrel, V. Sessions, Joan Humphrey, Thelma Jackson, Jackson Family, Natalie Dinkins, Jerry Dinkins, Joan Humprey, Ferguson Family,  John Harper, Charlotte Jackson, Jerry Dinkins, Irma Lewis, Engram Family, Hagey Family, Audley Ferguson, Jerry McCray, Gail James, George Family, Williams Family, Camika Dunkley, Tiffany Pendergrass, Leroy Jones, Jones Family, Ford Family, Dorothy Ford, Carole Gordy, Deirdre Miller, Daniel Cahill, Miller Family, Wayne Forrest, Sandi Ross, Eve Ross, D'Andre Ross, Stephen RossJoi O'Neal, Pat Washington, Scott Family, Ford Family, Thomas Family, Jordan Family, Anita Buff and Family, Robinson Family, Ellie Kesher, Sammie Oxendine, Nadine Cristie, Willette Wright, Phil Andrea, Smith Family, Juanita Thurston, Able Family, Wright Family, Lamontavia Miller, Morgan Family, Mariah, Alan Husmann, Montavia Miller, Marvin Morgan, Taylen Birt, Katina Jones, Blanche Logan, Surfside Community, Jazz,  Destinee Nostrand, Darius Ferguson, Alfred Wright, Carolyn Gordy, PAFT Church, Sue Jenkins, Gail Jenkins, Lisa Jenkins, Camika Dunkley, Ford Family, Turner Family, Deidre Lowe, Dana Darby; Cynthia Benyard, Vivian Nelson; Desiree Logan; Joi Oneal; Demetrius Jordan, Soul-Lifted Sisters, Sammy Oxendine, David Ryan, Takata Jackson, Irene Ford, Dephine Zanders, Angela Stephens, Sheri Paulk, Princess Adams, Kendrick Family, Stephens Family, Giselle Pierre, Antwan Diggs, Gail James, Barbara Thompson, Theresa Smith, Joseph Long, Essence Ford, Carolyn Clarke, David Ryan, Myriam, Marvin Morgan, Sam Satter, Marco, Sandy Fagan, Tanksley Family, Sapp Family, Keon Robinson, James Faison, Shaleya Blossom, Marcus Blossom, Arvid Robinson, Evan Vaughn, Jimmie Blossom, Virginia Nelson, Damion Hewitt, Corey Morris, Roy Lee, Roxanne Lee, Lorien Felton, Bernice Slater, Sonya Young, Paul Tiley, Carter Compere, Pennyman Family, Essence Ford, Shawnell Murphy, Carolyn Tanksley, Daphney Chang, Rodesha Jimmerson, Tensie Shelfield, John Brant, John Brant Jr, Morgan, Michael, James, Wright Family, Morris Family, Shannon Dixon, Carolyn Clarke, Robert Walton Jr., Francilla Jones, Luqman Jones, Hamidula Sabir, Cotton Family, Joseph Farmer, Pastor Jovan T. Davis, Pastor Jerry Dinkins Jr., Derek Wright, Diane Jackson, Gloria Bolden, Betterson Family, Marissa Lowe, Mischell Brown, Mother Johnson, Margarette Cotton, Reggie Lockwood, Nicki Lockwood, Justin Dinkins, Marshall Family, Jaylin Sapp, Clifford Taylor, Irene Griffin, Crystal Nicholson, Camilla Strickland, Pleshette Witherspoon, Our Land, Helen Washington, Jasmin Washington, Karita Washington, Quincy Robinson, Hollis Robinson, Stevens Family, Kumaravel Prasadh, Fred Coley, Christopher Kelly, Camillie Kelly, Hudson, Traci Constant, Entire USA, First Responders, Teachers, Soul-Lifted Sisters

"2020 Intercessory Prayer Wall" 

Cardinal Godfrey, Lillie Preston, Sampson Family, Joi Oneal, Janice Stevens, Aundrea Hancock, Theodore McClain, D'Wayne Mack, Dannie Carter, Dorothy Carter, Alina Vidal, Russell White, Valerie Baker, John Robinson, Canty Family, Damonah Sims, Anita Hopkins, Ether Oxendine, Rodney Stewart, Anita Hopkins, Mc Elroy Family, Sandra Chang, Harold Jones Sr., Mary Smith, Brenda Johnson, Roberto Lowe, Tashea Miles, Kylill Miles, Michelle Ranger, Harold Jones, Beverly, Sharon Whitelaw, Gloria Bolden, Jaylin Sapp, Palmire Thomas, Casimire Thomas, Evelyn Martin, Michelle Ranger, Ericka Howard, Afred Wright, Irene Ford, Timothy Reid, Sandra Chang, Jackson Family, Humprey Family, Britt Family, Morris Family, Stevens Family, Atkins Family, Robinson Family, Rev. Frances McCray, Bertha Faison, Carvil Family, Alfred Wright, Wright Family, Jordan Johnson, Rosa Felipe, Clifford Taylor, Ann Taylor, Gussie Homes, Billie Homes, Carolyn Robinson, Jasmine McGee, Bernard China, Ruth Atkinson, Ashley Scott, Angela Passmore, Sadira McGee, Joshua McGee, Mario Lisanti, Majorie Stallworth, Todd Witherspoon, Deborah Deal, Deborah Williams-Barr, Anthony Bell, Gerald Holmes, Rose Jones, Lovetta Martin, Shaleya Blossom, Bianna Jackson, Jeanene Faison, James Pinckney, Karl Chang, Matthew Chang, Sandra Chang, Natalie Dinkins, Brant Family, Stevenson Family, Pastor Jerry Dinkins, Pastor N. Green, Pastor J. Green, Kirkland Family, Ericka Howard, Cooley Family, Maurice Jones, Michelle Ranger, Janay Ford, Akebia Jones, Sharal Lisanti, Lynum, Anthony Bryant, Julia Kearns, Norma mitchell, Romona Hollis, Patricia Harrell, Jimmie Blossom, Joi O'Neal, Berry Adams, Stevie Adams Jr., Brianna Floyd, Sallie Oxendine, Mimi China, Jackie Armstead, Jimmie Blossom, Jasmine McGee, Charles, Reid, Laterricka Woods,Gloria Bolden, Maxine McElroy, Jelea Butler, Lisa Butler, LaShonda Cooley, Aaron Witherspoon, Lanzy Witherspoon, Angie Witherspoon, Alicia Witherspoon, Alfred Wright, Ida Wright, 2020 Graduates,Latimer Family, Ethel Morrow, Dandy Family, Lisa Penneyman, Diane Williams, Jennifer Shipley, Floyd Family, JLaura Ford, Samuel Witherspoon Jr., Witherspoon Family, Robert Walton Jr and Family, Calvin Lee, Maddie Williams, Adell Williams, Lorne Nickolson, Ericka Howard, Terron Clarke, Frank Hartley, Terry Witherspoon, KaMya Ferrel, Bell Hunter, World safety against COVID-19, Tyler Spears, Amanda Camacho, Jhoanna Daza, Sharon Battle, Charlie Lee, Ramona Hollis, Thomas Family, Porsha Thomas, Evrick Jernigan, Tim Reid, Derek Wright, Valencia Tindle, Vivian Nelson, John Robinson, Alfred Wright, Ida Wright, Carolyn Tanksley, Valerie Baker, Ethel Morrow, Lena Snyder, Janice Stevens, Katie Mitchel-Jones, Loretta Latimer, Bryant Family, Maxine McElroy, Dannette Stevenson, Trudie Harris, KaMya Ferrell, S. Sapp, Andria Bascoe, Ida Wright, Alfred Wright, Judy Pinckney, STU, FAU, Erania Witherspoon, Lucille Sapp, Carol Tanksley, Alex Harris, Person Harris, Tumbling Harris, Somari Ahmad Williams, Ericka Howard, Clara McCants, James McCants,Vivian Nelson, Bryant Family, Tanksley Family, Charlie Lee, Donya Britt, James Faison, Hazel Ferguson, Joan Campbell, Judy Pinckney, Allene Bullard, Sandyha Cass, Donya Britt, Julia Kearns, Maliesa Nichols and family, Brianna Baker, Terry Witherspoon, Shaun Richardson, Raynard Jackson, Brianna Baker, Derrick Williams, Joan Campbell, Sanders Family, Ericka Howard, Katie Mitchell-Jones, Robert Walton Sr., Willeana Murray, Patricia Witherspoon, Soul-Lifted Sisters Prayer Ministry, P.A.F.T. Church

"2019 Intercessory Prayer Wall" 

Jane Taylor, Brandon Harris, Bernard Harris, Dorian Cooper, Leon Cooper, Terry Witherspoon, Furrquann, Katie Mitchell Jones, Ericka Howard, Terry Witherspoon, Williams Family, Avid Robinson, Catresse Pullen, Ida Wright, Nancy Reid, Katie Mitchell-Jones, Jacquri Lewis, Furquann, Quinton Stanley, Young Family, Jermiah Nixon, Sharon Craig, Vivian Nelson, Arvid Robinson, Jimmie Blossom, Jamel Cook, S. Sapp, Valencia Tindle, Camilla Strickland, Akebia Jones, Donald Jackson, Leroy Cohen, Carolyn Tanksley, Katie Jones, Hollis Family, Jefferson Family, Lincoln Family, Bertha Faison, Beatrice Williams, Rose McGill, Sandhya (Sandy), Camille Williams Watson, Charlotte Megbulba, George Williams, Melanie Green, Makeya Moffatt, Dewayne Hodge, Vickie Session, Nelli Witherspoon,Cecil Daniels, Grant Prison, Bruce Prison, Susie Prison, Ramona Hollis, Andrea Bascoe, Jeanene Faison, Avid (Gerod) Robertson, Stephanie Jackson, Luqman Jones, Akebia Jones, Carol Roberts, Shelleye Roberts, Murray Family, Katiana Carter, Jahi Nixon, Jordan Carter, William Bardy, Jameel Darby, Donovan Carter, Kaari Darby, Tayler Witherspoon, Beatrice Williams, David Mitchell, Sarah Mitchell, Bertha Faison, James Faison, Faison Family, Jessie Joy, Bonnie Scott, Judy Pinckney, Danette, Jermiah Nickson, Turner Family, Cheyenne Mathis, Carlos Ragucci Sr., 2019 College Graduates, 2019 High School Graduates, Janice Stevens, Terry Robinson, Erania Witherspoon, Dynasty Worship Group, Lena Snyder, Brother EJ, Shamika Mason, Andrea Bascoe, Gibbons Family, Washington Family, Lee Family, Richardson Family, Howard Family, Jimmie Blossom, Henry Morrow, Particia, Arvid Robinson, Fannie Chance, Phyllis Lewis, Andrea Bascoe, Ms. Clare McCants, Tom Redmond, Theo Forbes, Donna Campbell, Laster-Watts Family, Ross Family, McLane Family, Karen, Estonia, Merchell, Yukia, Beverly Earle, Alexander Washington, Patrick Lee, Ruby, Lisa Jenkins, Sue Jenkins, Jennifer Peden, John Gaitor, Will Richardson, Jeremiah Nickson, Terron Clarke, Theo Fordes, Felipe Soto, Lisanti, Joi O'Neal, Gerrod Robinson, Jimmie Blossom, Pauline Hightower, Carol Everett, Willie Morris, Irene Ford, Andrea Bascoe, Judy Pinckney, Ida Wright, Judy Pinckney, Robert Walton, Akebia Jones, Loretta Latimer, Richard Lisanti, Herma Fordes, Carol Everett, Elder Will Richardson, Rinnell Reid, Robinson Family, Wells-Harrison Family, Smith Family, P.A.F.T., Lena Snyder, Rhone Johnson, Cooper Family, Federal Workers, Steven Harrison, Aaron Paulk, J. Faison, Sapp Family, Chevillone Carter, Kearns Family, Ida Wright, Jimmie Blossom, Betty Betton, Stevens Family, Nicole Rolle


"2018 Intercessory Prayer Wall"  

 Rhonda Smith, Ronald Jones, David Snyder, Greg Latimer, David Williams, Juanita Williams, Robert Walton, Lena Snyder, Loretta Latimer, Ethel Morrow, Anita Thomas, Katie M. Jones, Stevie Morrow, Gloria Ashe, Carswell Family, Farrington Family, Kemp Family, Wilson Family, Dorothy Jenkins, lHurrican Victims, David Snyder, Faison Family, Joi O'Neal, Anthonio Mitchell, Melvin Stevens, KaMya Ferrell, Theresa Reese, Stevie Morrow, Amarie Sebastian, Florida Hurricane Victims,Patrick Lynn, Kym Lynn, Patrick Shaw, Justin Lynn, Brittany Lynn, Stevie Morrow, Patrick Lynn, State of Carolina, Yolanda Campbell, Loretta Campbell, Jimmie Blossom, David Snyder, Mareina, Ellis Family, Jacksonville Florida, Fallande Joseph, Bostic Family, Mayra Mirabent, Leonard Robinson, Bernard Robinson, Baker Family, Danny Kirby, Willie Morris, March Rooks, Jamal Sapp, Dobson Family, Bernard China, Terry Charles, Keva Charles, TJ Kemp, Joi Oneal, Greg Latimer, Loretta Latimer, Katie Jones, Ronnie Jones, Alicia West, Leo Granger, Shirley Granger, Helen Ware, SSU, FAU, FAMU, BCC, Warden Family, Whitehead Family, Lucille Sapp, Rufus Williams, J. Faison, Ronald Whitehead, Jelea Butler, Arvid Robinson, Wright Family, 2018 Graduates, Joi O'Neil, Robert Carter, Bernice Slater, Pentecostal Apostolic Faith Tabernacle, Heart of God Ministries, Life Empowerment Ministries, Williams Family, Stephen Mattair, Tiffany Mattair, Elden Hibbert, Collins Family, Ferrell Family, Witherspoon/Granger Family, Ada Clarke, Huu Tran, Mae Collins, Berry Family, Idella Grissett, Sharon Brown, Victoria, Homeless Community around the world, Hunter Family, Brandon Harris, Louis Hunter, S. Sapp, Desir'ee Logan, Brimberry-Robinson Family, K. Pietroluongo, Jones Family, Willie Brockington, Allison Mitchell, Tyler Wright, Mary Taylor, Kimberly Taylor, Clarence Eliley, Binadene Lincoln, Denise Powell, Ferguson Family, Bennadine Lincoln, Brother K. Wiggins, Patricia Witherspoon, Dickerson Family, Willie Morris Sr., Joi O'Neal, Loretta Latimer, Jimmie Blossom, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School,Teachers World Wide, Students World Wide, Administrators World Wide, Homeless Community, Trudie Harris, Janice Stevens,David Snyder, Nancy Rodriguez, Denise Powell, Huu Tran, Patricia Pemberton, Terry Witherspoon, Wallace Family, Ford Family, Stevens Family, Helen Williams, Ida Wright, Judy Pinckney, Patterson Family, Carolyn Clarke 


"2017 Intercessory Prayer Wall"  

Jennifer Shipley, Harris Family, Sussie Davis, Davis Family, Blossom Family, Nicholas Family, Matilda Housey, Tia Vaughn, Gholston Family, Tawanda Stanley, Bernard Harris, Helen Williams, Truddie Harris, Las Vegas, Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, Key West,Gerry Robinson, Sheena Holton, Janice Stevens, Terry Robinson, Morris Hunter, Estus Sharp Jr., Patrick Palmer, Patricia Palmer, Brant family, Shenicka Carroll, Wallace Family, Pastor Lena Snyder, Ida Wright, Bernard Harris, Cherise, Pollock Family, Macklin Family, Brigitte Cook, Kamya Ferrell, Sheila Mack, Annette Rivers, White Family, Stevens Family, Zina James, Janice Stevens, Lena Snyder, David Snyder, Ashley Family, Morris Family, Terry Witherspoon, J. Faison, Tiffany Davis, K. Scott, L. Morris, Majorie Santana, Issac Good, Robin and Thomas Carter, Sabrina Clark, Matilda Housey, Beatrice Wallace, Williams Family, Edwards Family, Rev. Thomas Smith Jr., David Mitchell, Terry Robinson, TJ and OH Football Team Travelers, David Snyder, Bernice Slater, Beatrice Wallace, Ed Stokeling, Larry Michael Miller Jr., Knya Morris, Jimmie Blossom, Carol Roberts, Cherise Flood, London Hill, Valdesha Rollen, Linda Collins, Breland Hudson, Traci, Valerie Thomas, Michael, Brigitt Cook, Erin Speer, Kenyce Evans, Malcolm Richardson, Ashley Richardson, Helen Ahuna, Micaheal, Alisa, Brett Fisher Jr, Alvina Alexander, Christy Morgan, King Ferrell, Stphanie Ferrell, Green Family, KaMya Ferrell, David Lund, Trudie Harris, Congress Corrine Brown, Wright Family, KaMya Ferrell, Brigitt Cook, Larry Jr, Ida and Alfred Wright, Corrine Brown, Jordan Family, Sophia Prevolis, Manny Garcia, Alvina Alexander, Marlene Meno, Carolyn Clarke, Thomanik Moore, Ramona Godfrey, Andrea Elaine, Janice Stevens, Bobby Cooney, Celestine Evans, Norma Mithchell, Willie Thompkins, Courtney Harrell, Vincent Moss, Mae Collins, Anita Morrow, Nina Morrow Johnson, Ollie Berry, Whingham Family, Smith Family, Charles Family, Pastor Mary Harbin, Tommy Robinson, John Robinson, Blanche Logan, Harris Family, King Ferrell, Brother Frank, Matilda Housey, Jenkins Family, Forbes Family, Cherrick Thomas, Marcus John Forbes, Carlton Wright, Van Family, Davis Family, Darrell Burke, Witherspoon Family, Terry Witherspoon, Lorenzo Witherspoon, Rhena Witherspoon, David Snyder, Beatrice Wallace, Malcolm Richardson, Brigitte Cook, Corshelle Thompson, Barbara, Brandi Johnson, Carolyn Clarke, Bernice Slater, Alfred Wright, Jacques Family, Verna Grant, KaMya Ferrell, Denetra Abraham, Tracy Crawford, Crawford Family, LaDonna Boswell, Lakia Hamilton, Janice Stevens, David Snyder, Long Family, JC Jordan, Soul-Lifted Sisters Prayer Ministry, Pentecostal Apostolic Faith Tabernacle, Fort Lauderdale Airport Victims, Bishop Victor Curry, Carlton Wright, Witherspoon Family, Ida Wright, Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Correctional Officers, Teachers, Caregivers  


 2016 Weekly Intercessory Prayer Wall

David Snyder, Terry Witherspoon, Joi, Beatrice Wallace, KaMya Ferrell, Jinks Family, Johnson Family, Blanche Logan, Williams Family, Janice Stevens, Newbold Family, McDonald Family, Sam Jinks, Greg Macklin, Diana Glinton, Ladonna Boswell, Brandon Fuhrman, Ollie Berry, Matilda Housey, Carlton Wright, Terry Witherspoon, Jamal Cox, Unri Thomas,Nancy Rodriguez, Rain Witherspoon, Trudie Harris, Nancy Payoute, Greg, White Family, Trudie Harris, Christy Morgan, Pray Family, Terry Witherspoon, Jordan Family, Wallace Family, Kenneth White Jr, Shirley Poole, Lakeitha Black, Pugh Family, Smith Family,Blanco Cardona-Vargas, Regina Jackson, Saez Family, Milo, Amari, Jackie Calhoun, Linda Watts, Greg Macklin, Dukes Family, Dishane Byrd, Carlton Wright, Ida Wright, Terri Davis, Pastor Cleave Rogers, Wilkes Family, Mitchell Family, Priscilla Holton, Antonio Mennen, David Mitchell, Annie, Taylor, 2016 Graduates, Shelley Roberts, Lois Randle, Williams Family, Shana Simmons, Alvina, Nancy Rodriguez, Delta Robinson, Thomas Family, Starkes Family, Angelo Lisanti, Gwen Davis, Jasmin, Patricia, Lictza, Kenneth Khalid, McElroy Family, Kyle Roach, Regina Jackson, Linda Watts, Francesca Edwards, Terry Robinson, Jonelle Reese-Walters,Carlton Wright, Roberto Aleman, Jacqueline Cadet, Kenneth White Jr, Deacon Stevens, Myiesha, Carmen White, James White Jr., Stephens, Regina Johnson, Sandra Coates, Cora Primera, Krissy Carboneau, Trudie Harris, Brandon Harris, Emanuel Jerome Weeks, Eboni Nixon, Alcatrenia White, Anthony Brown, Tony Amp Brown, Romona Godfrey, Tirena Wright, Patricia Haughton, Thompson-Brown Family, Louise Waller, Sylvia Robinson, Deloach Family, John C Jordan, Sylvia Williams, Curtis Hall, Greg Macklin, Delta Robinson, Ratliff Family, Overseer John C. Jordan, Helen Williams, Reta Ellis, Clark Family, Greg Campbell, Robert Carter, DJ, Waters Family, Antonio Mitchell, David Mitchell, Raymond & Terry Jones, Webster Family, Kenneth Wright, Robin Carter, Tamara Morris, Tracey Donaldson, Soul-Lifted Sisters, Sylvia Williams, KaMya Ferrel, Diane Jackson, Burse-Fuller Family, Jones Family


"SLS Weekly 2015 Prayer Wall"

Burse-Fuller-Jones, Tonia Mitchell, Michelle Roberson, Patricia Aleman, Marzo Artime, Mrs. Marsan, Mrs. Russell, Andrea Nelson, Yankee Sullivan, Taylor Family, Poole Family, Bratton Family, KaMya Ferrel, Mykeisha Fenn, Mia Smith, Sandra Long, Steve Adams, Sylvia Williams, Jones Family, Maria Saez, P.A.F.T., Regan Family, Betty McCalister, Truttie Harris, Andrea Nelson, Felicia Burse-Fuller, London Family,Gladys Roan, Dione Jones, Delta Robinson, Nadia and Children, Miami NorthWestern High School Staff-Parent-Students, Kris Balli, Rev. Thomas Smith, Audley Ferguson KaMya Ferrell, Daphne Hoggan, John Gaitor, Sylvia Williams, Mitchell Family, Larry Malory, Rinnell Reid, Mosley Family, Matilda Housey, Parker Family, South Carolina Community, Cooper and Parmer Family, Bernard Harris, Trudie Harris, Randle Family, Joyce Coward,Smith Family, David Snyder, Nadia and children, Taj Reid, Lorien St. Vil, Sheldon Ferguson, Campbell, Newbold, Smith, Bobb, Yolanda Gore, Thompkins, Tranicka Minot, Godfrey Family, Conference Speakers, Soul-Lifted Sisters, Solomon Family, Little Family, Clarke Family, Sylvia Williams, Janice Stevens, Adams Family, Lydell Sumter, Carolyn Clarke, Charlotte Reid, Teretha Lundy-Thomas, Jimmie Blossom, Shekeyla Roberts, Ishmel Williams, Sheila Mack, Ramona Godfrey,Catrese Pullen, Family for Overtown Children,Stephens Family, Katwicia Family, Rivers Family, Janice Stevens,Alexis McKin, Chante McKin, Katie Mitchell, Jerry Dinkins, Natalie Dinkins, Robin Carter, Thomas Carter, Clarke Family, Jasmin Clarke, Norris Clarke, Carolyn Clarke, Ahriel Jones Jr., Bostic Family, Tranika Minott, Allene Bullard, Mekeya Bryant, Jillian Miller, Casey Miller, Simaya Minott, Bishop Kamia White, Louise Hunter, Betty Betton, Nadine Campbell, Verdyce Clarke, Hudson Family, Delta Robinson, Lavern Dobney, Cardinal Godfrey, Sylvia Williams, David Snyder


"Our Weekly Prayer Wall" 2014 

Sylvia Williams, Cardinal Godfrey, Berry Adams, Mrs.Dean, Verdyce Clarke, Mason and Williams Family, Micky Grant Jr, Altaveon Grant, Rosemary Williams,Mincey and Day Family, Delta Robinson, Jasmin Clarke, Vera Ashley, Vivian Cooper, Alison Mitchell, Lewis Family, Bishop Daphney Hogann, Akebia J Little, Amarie Clarke, Carolyn Clarke, Mr.Clyde, Tabitha Williams, Mrs. Howell, Woodard Family, Richie Family, Amarie Clarke, Reese-Walters Family, May Robinson, Bertha McCalister, Barbara Blackman, SLS Outreach, Little Family, 911 Families, Bernice Slater, Hazel Clarke, Regina Holmes, Elizabeth Taylor, Dixon Family, Pennyman Family, Verdyce Clarke, Students, Teachers, Workers, Missouri, Brown Family, Anthony Thomas, Henry Bishop Jr, Joanne Redman, Kathy Mitchell-Jones, Albert Grier, Joseph Family, Jordan Family, Katherine Dixon, Alan Dixon, Jessie Brinson, Sandra Barry-Williams, Marie Hudson, White Family, Jazmin Blue, Morris Family, Mitchell Family, Victoire Marie Claire Emmanuelle, Aliyah Robinson, Joanne Redman, Barry Sampson, Emma Simmon, Delta Robinson, Alan Smith, Sarah Edwards, Harris Family, Tracie Daniels, Booker Family, Cooper Family, Rinnell Reid, Lakeitha Black, Andrea Nelson, Traneka Henry-English , Terran Clarke, Emma Simmon, Bernice Slater, Lewis Brown, David Snyder, Sarah Edwards, Nixon Family, Cardinal Godfrey, Ramona Godfrey, Sylvia Williams, Marie Hudson, Nadia Campbell, HolIinger Family, Dwayne Mincey, Jamal Streeter, Vargas, Bettie McCalister, Bernice Slater, 2014 Graduates, Hazel Clarke, Jasmine Clarke, Jamal Streeter, Parmer Family, Fowler Family, David Snyder, Regina Holmes, Theresa Mincey, Greg Macklin, Jeannette James, Marie Hudson, Haynes Family, Williams Family, Kevin Holling, Traneka Henry English, Joi O'Neill, Cooley Family, Hazel Clarke, Wong/Craige Family, Bettie McCalister, Brandon HarrisIvadelle Hepburn, Sheree Foots, Ashley Roberts, Joshua Cooley, English Family, Cassidy, Verdyce Clarke, Dorsett Family, Lorriane Rodriguez, Carolyn Clarke, Clarence Turner, Guy Milson, Sonja Dorsett, Cheryl Jones, Sylvia Williams, James Family, Philips Family, Blue Family, Solomon Family, Bettie McCalister,Jasmine Clarke, Kiovanni Scott, Solemon Family, Greene Family, Penningmon Family, Hazel Clarke, Military Services, Triniece Lewis, Ruby Jones, Postemus Family, Lawrence Family, David Scott,Allure Wright, Deja Jackson, Traveling Mercies, Bettie McCalister, Stanley Family, Alice Mae-Brown, Louise Hunter, Freddy Moros, Robin Carter, Thomas Carter,Akebia Jones, Jessica McCloud, Jazmin Blue, Alice Mae Brown, Andrea Nelson, Jackson Family, Stephens Family,Paulett Stephens, Gary Range, Jazmin Blue, Blue Family, Jasmine Clarke, Verdyce Clarke, Towanda Stanley, Nicole Parmer,Hankerson Family, Jean Forrest, Kathleen Stewart, Edwards Family, M. Robinson, Lynn Marie, Jasmine Clarke, Regina Holmes, Dione Jones, Akebia Jones, Mother Marie Hudson, Lynn Marie, Burse Family, Reid Family, Verdyce Clarke, Cooley Family, Annette Berry, Thomas Carter, Becy Artiaga, Olivia Artiago, Roysetta Ritter, Roland Arthoris, Sam Witherspoon, Alfred Rogers, Rev. Johnny Betton, Alice Mae Brown, Maemi Green, Daisy Sanders, Charlie Davis, Clarke Family, Verdyce Clarke, Joanne Redman, JC Jordan, David Snyder, Mardela Family


1st Year Prayer List: Dec 2012 - Dec 2013

Marjorie Santana, Carolyn Clarke, Clifford Mercer, John C Jordan, Mercy Sanchez, David Scott, Andrews Family, Eulee Parham, Jerry Robinson, Charlie Reid, Tony Redmon, Carolyn Clarke, Paul Reid, Keith& Regina Holmes, Jasmine Clarke-Evans,David Scott, Olivia Artiaga, Charles Shepard, Verdyce Clarke, Nicole Parmer, Deborah Enix, Helda Adams, Jasmine Clarke, Donald Jackson, Verdyce Clarke, Truddie Harris, Nicole Parmer, Charles Shepard, Julie Williams, Keith Holmes, Arlene Richardson, Brandon Berry, Margret Tarpy-Braun, Charles Shepard, Delta Robinson, Donald Jackson, Frances Garcia, Verdyce Clarke, Regina Holmes, Gertrude Clarke, Donna Thomas-Jones, David Mitchell, Soul-Lifted Sisters, Delta Robinson, Howard Family, Maleika Adams, Donald Jackson, Tracy Donaldson, Verdyce Clarke, Wildred Jacques, Jacques Family, Howard Family, Sheren Broadhurst, Maleika Adams, Verdyce Clarke, Keith and Regina Holmes, Patrick Stephens, Lorien Felton, Donald Jackson, Sylvia Williams, Charles Shepard, Rochell Anderson, James Anderson Jr, Delta Robinson, Verdyce Clarke, Pastor Hattie Jones, Norris and Jasmine Clarke, Jordan Family, Charles Shepard, Donald Jackson, Brandon Harris, John Howard, Kayla , Lamar Young, Stephanie Bolt, Lorien Felton, Tricha Jackson, Brandon Harris, George Williams, Clarke Family, Matilda Housey, James Ford, Nowell Family, Lamar Young, James Ford, Brandon Harris, Trudie Harris, George Williams, Verdyce Clarke Nowell Family, Lamar Young, James Ford, Brandon Harris, Trudie Harris, George Williams, Verdyce ClarkeKenneth Kalis, Benjamin and Betty Wallace, Roney Jones, Beatrice Wallace, James Ford, Katie Mitchell, Amari Latimer, Logan Stevenson, Stevenson Family,Joshua Coley, Pastor Hattie Jones, Trischa Randle, Verdyce Clarke, Jasmin Clarke, Verdyc Clarks,Sabrina Storr, Tangela Shepard, John Howard, The Martin and Felton Family, Greg Latimer, Audria Postemus, Turner Family, Dr. Dollar, Verdyce Clarke, Rose & Sylvia Harris, Greg Latimer, Bobby McKinney, Tangela Shepard, Da'isha Sands, Monica Smith, George Williams, Latonia Morris, Sabrina Storr, Murray Family, Sherri Paulk, Sister Carol, Greg Latimer, Ollie Berry, Kevin McKenzie, Ida Wright, Carlton Wright, Alfred Wright, Diasha Sands, Clarke Family, Willena Murray, Mother Green,Demetric Jordan, Tirena Wright, John Howard, Lilly Ward, Morris Family, Joanne Wilson, Jordan Cherry, Jones Family, Sprint Family, Verdyce Clarke, Vincent Burke, Peggy Boule, Twyla Clarke, Ms. Rita, Godfrey Family, Butler Family, David Lester Jr, Sylvia Williams, Wilcox, Patterson, Queen Holding, Edward Harrs, Leroy Forbs, Marianna Terry, Cindy Roper, Hankerson Family, Donna Thomas-Jones, Debryon Acchange, Boston Victims, Carolyn Gilbert, Jude Felton, Icart Family, Santeala Holden, Jacques Family, Ileana Artime, Becky Turner, Janay Turner, Nicole Turner, Jorge Williams, JC Jordan, Helen Williams, Soul-Lifted Sisters, Vanessa Nixon, Symonne Symonette, Ollie Berry, Loretta Latimer, Sandra Sicippio, Antwan Housey, Cnythia, Rebecca Turner, Wallasce Hudson, Aida Stewart, Willena Murray, Roney Jones, Elsie Jackson, Benjamin Wallace, Reid Family,David Snyder, Kaithlyn Bellamy, Shelleye Roberts, Greg Latimer, Adams Family, Matilda Housey, Deanna Simpson, Donna Jones, Jamaiya Parmer, Nicole Parmer, Shehara Parmer, Linda Watts, Ashley Jackson, Brandon Harris, Annette Berry, Sylvia Williams, Ida Wright, Brandon Collier, Linda Green, Mary Hicks, Traci Donaldson, Kenneth Wimberly, Tianna Duponte, Zandell Tayler, Lakitha Black, Jackson Family, Beatrice Wallace, Lilly Ward, Joanne Wilson, Washington Family